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Construction drawings for the development of emerging industries in 2021

In the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", local governments are accelerating the outline of a roadmap for the development of emerging industries. According to incomplete statistics from reporters from "Economic Information Daily", more than 10 provinces including Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Shandong, and Yunnan have clarified the planning and deployment of emerging industries in the economic work meeting of the provincial party committee, including the development of new materials and biomedicine. And other industries, accelerate the cultivation of world-class strategic emerging industrial clusters, further strengthen the development of new drivers, and enhance the independent controllability of the industrial chain and supply chain. At the same time, multiple channels of new funds, including tens of millions of fiscal funds and hundreds of billions of funds, are accelerating the accumulation of emerging industries.

Many experts said that emerging industries, as leading industries, are conducive to establishing a new round of industrial development advantages for localities, opening up new incremental market space, and having a strong multiplier effect on future economic and social development. When planning the "construction drawings" for the development of emerging industries, all localities should also pay attention to the overall layout according to local conditions, integrate innovative resources, make up for shortcomings, and avoid low-level redundant construction with homogeneous and disorderly competition.
More places to increase the layout of emerging industries
At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, many provincial party committee economic work conferences were held intensively, among which emerging industries became the focus of deployment.
For example, Shandong proposed to promote the conversion of new and old kinetic energy with greater efforts. The elimination of outdated production capacity must be further tightened, the transformation of traditional industries must be further strengthened, the cultivation of emerging industries must be further accelerated, and the industrial ecological optimization must be further deepened. Hunan clearly wants to see a new atmosphere in cultivating new development momentum. Promote a virtuous cycle of all production factors, and promote the sound development of digital economy and emerging industries. Shanxi proposed that by taking basic industries as an important support to continue to become stronger and better, and to continuously cultivate and grow emerging industries as a strategic focus, it will promote the construction of the chain, the extension of the chain, and the strengthening of the chain.
A number of emerging industrial clusters will gain momentum. Anhui proposed to “enhance the independent controllability of the industrial chain and supply chain” as the foundation, implement the action of supplementing the industrial chain and strengthening the chain, solidly promote the “one hundred thousand” project, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and cultivate world-class strategic Emerging industry clusters, creating a gathering place for emerging industries with important influence.
"Accelerating the layout and development of emerging industries will help strengthen the independent controllability of the industrial supply chain. It is an important direction for localities to establish core industrial development advantages and realize'changing lanes and overtaking'. At the same time, through the development of emerging industries, it can drive the transformation of traditional industries. Upgrading will promote the quality, efficiency, and power changes of traditional industries.” said Hou Yanquan, director of the Regional Development Research Office of the Planning Institute of China Electronics Information Industry Development Research Institute.
At present, emerging industries have become an important force that effectively promotes the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure and leads high-quality development. According to data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, it is estimated that by the end of 2025, the added value of emerging industries will account for about 20% of GDP, becoming a pillar industry that will promote high-quality economic development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.
It is worth noting that 5G, integrated circuits, new materials, biomedicine, etc. are becoming key areas for multi-party deployment of emerging industries. The reporter was informed that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will accelerate the creation of new industrial chains such as 5G, integrated circuits, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, high-end equipment, new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, biomedicine and high-end medical equipment, and build new advantages for future competition. Locally, Yunnan proposed to accelerate the development of emerging industries such as new materials, biomedicine industry, and modern logistics, so as to form a new industry development pattern featuring multiple support, simultaneous development of multiple industries, and diversified development as soon as possible.
A new round of industrial projects intensively landed
While the development plan is intensively released, a new round of emerging industry projects is also being deployed and implemented quickly.
On January 9, Changzhou's first major project of over 10 billion yuan in 2021 settled in Changzhou National High-tech Zone, involving four major sectors: green health industry and strategic investment industry. On January 5, construction of the first major integrated circuit project in the Beijing Economic Development Zone started in the New Year. In the previous few days, 15 integrated circuit projects were signed and settled in Xiamen Haicang, with a total investment of over 15 billion yuan, and an annual output value of over 25 billion yuan after reaching production. In addition, Anhui recently held the "14th Five-Year" industrial development investment exchange meeting, proposing to accelerate the implementation of major emerging industry projects, in-depth advance the construction of "threefold and one innovation", and accelerate the development of a new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, new materials, and new energy vehicles. Ten emerging industries such as intelligent and connected cars.
The deployment and implementation of the project is inseparable from financial support. At present, multiple new funds are accelerating to flow into emerging industries. In terms of finances, Hefei has recently added four more municipal-level strategic emerging industrial bases, involving information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new materials. Each base will receive 30 million yuan in funding. Tianjin recently issued the "Guiding Opinions on Tianjin's Financial Support for the Development of Manufacturing Industry", proposing to actively increase credit for manufacturing companies that meet the requirements of industrial policies and major development strategies to help strengthen and improve integrated circuits, aviation, biomedicine, etc. Strategic emerging industries, strive to increase the growth rate of loans to manufacturing enterprises higher than the growth rate of various loans.
Social capital has also been further mobilized. A few days ago, the China State-owned Enterprise Mixed Ownership Reform Fund with a total scale of 200 billion yuan was established. The fund raised 70.7 billion yuan in the first phase, focusing on the mixed-ownership reform of core areas and core technologies, and focusing on new emerging areas such as technological innovation and key areas of the industrial chain. industry. Inspur Cloud, a subsidiary of Inspur Group, also launched a 5 billion industrial Internet industry ecological fund, focusing on supporting the development of emerging industries such as industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing.
Strengthen overall planning to avoid disorderly competition
In the opinion of industry experts, when planning the "construction drawings" for emerging development, localities should also pay attention to the overall layout according to local conditions, make up for shortcomings and weaknesses, and avoid low-level duplication of homogeneous and disorderly competition.
"Many regions are still following the path and thinking of traditional industries in the past to promote the development of emerging industries, for example, excessive pursuit of scale advantages, excessive concentration of various elements, etc." said Wang Jun, chief economist of Centaline Bank, on the one hand to improve The scale and quality of the agglomeration of emerging industries should avoid problems such as multiple blooms, large but not optimal, and overcapacity. On the other hand, it is necessary to use government preferential policies to guide the development of emerging industries in an appropriate manner to avoid industries relying on government subsidies to cause cyclical fluctuations and even fall into development difficulties. At the same time, pay attention to the decisive role of the market in allocating resources, realize regional and industrial synergy in competition and open cooperation, and limit speculation and follow the trend when necessary.
Hou Yanquan suggested that all localities compile their own industrial development guidance catalogues at appropriate times to guide the differentiated development of local industrial chains. Focusing on major project investment, encourage cross-regional cities to explore the establishment of reasonable investment promotion linkage, project access joint review, collaborative benefit connection and other mechanisms, and promote collaborative investment promotion, coordinated policy formulation, and collaborative platform creation. In addition, centering on the rational division of labor and cooperation in the industrial chain, we will deeply promote the division of labor and value chain interaction between regions, actively carry out cross-regional cultivation of industrial clusters, and strive to create a new pattern of regional industrial coordinated development with outstanding characteristics and dislocation competition.
The investment and financing system that adapts to the development and growth of emerging industries also needs to be further improved. Wang Jun said that it is necessary to more mobilize the investment enthusiasm of social capital based on the principle of "market leadership and government guidance", encourage all enterprises, including private enterprises, to invest, so that the market can better play the decisive role of resource allocation.
It is reported that in the future, my country will further create a good environment for the innovation and development of emerging industries. The reporter was informed that in the next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will, in response to some outstanding problems in the development of emerging industries, encourage and guide enterprises to merge and reorganize, integrate innovative resources, achieve large-scale development, and enhance competitiveness. At the same time, it strengthens overall planning, avoids low-level repetitive construction of homogeneous and disorderly competition, adheres to the principles of encouraging innovation and prudence and tolerance, and increases support in various aspects such as market access, talent training, financial services, and policy innovation, and strengthens policies. Collaboration to form a joint force to promote the development of emerging industries.

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