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Shanghai's first all-electric integrated energy station project is completed, which can provide nearly 18 million kilowatt-hours of electricity to the power grid

On October 20th, State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company and Lingang Group signed a cooperation agreement. The two parties will cooperate in the construction of a comprehensive energy station in the Dishui Lake Financial Bay in the new area of Lingang. This is the first all-electric integrated energy station project in the Shanghai area, marking the accelerated development of the "green and low-carbon" integrated energy supply system in the city.

It is reported that the Dishui Lake Financial Bay Integrated Energy Station mainly provides clean and environmentally friendly cooling and heating services for hotels, offices, commercial and cultural buildings in the area. The station is designed and equipped with all-electric equipment such as base-load chillers, cold storage chillers, electric hot water boilers, air-cooled heat pump units, etc. The energy supply covers an area of 740,000 square meters, and the designed daily cooling load is about 57 MW, and the daily heating load is about 33 megawatts. watt.

According to State Grid Haidian, the first phase of the project is expected to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2024. After the completion of the integrated energy station, the low valley electricity will be used for cooling or heating at night, and the cold and heat stored in the water storage tank will be released during the day to provide a cold or heat source for the entire area. When it is unable to meet the requirements, turn on the high-efficiency refrigeration unit and air cooling. The heat pump is supplemented. In this way, by reducing the turning-on of the cooling and heating hosts during peak hours during the day, a total of nearly 18 million kilowatt-hours of electricity can be used to "shrink peaks and fill valleys" for the power grid each year.

Within the energy supply range covered by the integrated energy station, buildings do not need to build their own cold and heat sources, the gas consumption on the user side can be reduced by nearly 90%, and the area of energy supply facilities can be reduced by about 80%, thereby releasing nearly 14,000 square meters of buildings The commercial value of the area. At the same time, due to the use of high-efficiency refrigeration units in the station and the refined management and control of the equipment operation and maintenance mode with the help of the smart energy management platform, the overall energy utilization efficiency can be increased by nearly 15%, equivalent to an average annual reduction of carbon emissions by more than 4,000 tons.

State Grid Haidian said that Shanghai Power Grid is currently actively promoting the green, digital and intelligent construction of the energy industry, fully integrating and accelerating the development of energy transformation. The construction of the comprehensive energy station in the Dishui Lake Financial Bay not only made a useful exploration for the typical demonstration of the energy Internet in the context of the "dual carbon" in the Lingang New Area; at the same time, it also helped to coordinate and optimize regional power grid resources and build a "green and low-carbon". It is also of great significance to comprehensively promote the development of clean regional energy supply, electrification of energy consumption, and high-efficiency energy utilization.

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