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Wisdom Company's underground pipe gallery wireless monitoring system successfully completed the pilot work

On October 25, the wireless monitoring system of the underground pipe gallery of Zhixin Company completed the application pilot work in Zhangjiakou Power Supply Company. During the application pilot, the monitoring system operated stably with good performance of various indicators. This trial is the first pilot application of Zhixin Company's underground pipe gallery wireless monitoring system in State Grid Corporation, and it marks the first step that Zhixin Company has taken in this field.

The wireless monitoring system of the underground pipe gallery of Zhixin Company is based on the self-developed low-power wireless communication chip and the main control chip. It adopts a Mesh network structure with breakpoint self-repair and rapid routing path calculation functions, and integrates temperature, humidity, water immersion, and A variety of high-performance and low-power sensors such as oxygen have the advantages of high sensitivity, long effective communication distance, rich functions, flexible deployment, safety and reliability, etc., which can monitor the environmental information of underground pipe corridors in real time and make judgments on potential hazards and timely The alarm can make up for the disadvantages of the difficult deployment of the wired monitoring system of the underground pipe gallery of the power grid, the inability to lay a large area, the low integration, and the high cost. The wireless monitoring system is very suitable for complex electromagnetic environments such as underground pipe corridors, power transmission and distribution networks, and application scenarios such as medium and short distance transmission without signals.

Wisdom’s underground pipe gallery wireless monitoring system application pilot work was launched in August 2021. In just three months, the pilot scenario selection, site survey, program design, monitoring system development and testing, on-site deployment and application pilot tests were completed. Work. During the critical period of the "Winter Power Guarantee" and "Winter Olympic Games" guarantee missions, in order to minimize the impact of the pilot on normal business, the working group members worked closely and completed all deployment tasks within one day. State Grid Jibei Electric Power Zhangjiakou Power Supply Company arranged professional staff to assist in the pilot work and provided strong support for this application pilot work.

The pilot application effect of the wireless monitoring system for the underground pipe gallery of Zhixin Company has been highly affirmed and unanimously recognized by Zhangjiakou Power Supply Company, which fully demonstrates the technical achievements and accumulation of technology achieved by Zhixin Company in the field of wireless communication. In the next step, Zhixin Company will continue to optimize the comprehensive monitoring system of underground pipe corridors to play a role in the major guarantee tasks of the 2022 Winter Olympics; actively expand the comprehensive monitoring business of underground pipe corridors and contribute to the safe and stable operation of the power grid.

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