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Analysis of 349 batches of announcement dump trucks, new energy power awakens

       Dump truck refers to a special vehicle that uses the power of the vehicle's engine to drive a hydraulic lifting mechanism, tilts its carriage to a certain angle for unloading, and relies on the weight of the carriage to reset it. It is widely used in transportation work under various complex road conditions. The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and the power take-off device, and the high-pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and the oil pipe, and pushes the piston rod to cause the carriage to tip over. Backward tipping is more common. The movement of the piston rod is controlled by the control system to stop the carriage at any required tilt position, and the carriage uses its own gravity and hydraulic control to reset.

       Today's dump truck market analysis

   On July 1, 2021, the National Sixth Era will officially come, and the first phase of the National Sixth Emission Standard for Heavy Diesel Vehicles (National Sixa) will be fully implemented nationwide. Therefore, all heavy-duty vehicle markets in July-August "turned down sharply." According to market terminal data, the truck industry sold 605,000 vehicles in March of this year, but it fell to 255,000 vehicles in July, a drop of more than 40% from the peak. Speaking of dump trucks, they belong to a category of products with hydraulic lifting devices. If they are commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, they are also one of the "basic trucks", but consider that the product announcements are all with the prefix of 3, which is easy to identify and stable in the market. Therefore, it is also listed as a single category, corresponding to CHTC-D working conditions, and the product pays more attention to the reliability under complex working conditions.

      With the continuous stimulus of infrastructure construction and the growth of real estate investment, the sales of dump trucks will continue to be strong from January to July 2021, and the trend of diesel dump trucks will continue. The development direction of new energy needs to be further observed. Among the five basic types of trucks, the diesel vehicle among dump trucks is still the main force. National V dump trucks also accounted for the main part, reaching 94%, and the rest are National VI, accounting for 6%. With the rapid development of alternative fuels and new energy sources, the strength of diesel power also fully demonstrates that the position of diesel dump trucks is still stable so far.

       349 batch of announcements dump truck segment analysis

   The total number of various types of dump trucks declared in this announcement is 75, and the total number of special vehicles declared in this announcement is 2832. Therefore, the proportion of dump trucks in this batch of announcements has reached about 3%.


     In the dump truck segment, ordinary dump trucks, that is, traditional diesel or gasoline fuel dump trucks, accounted for 85%, fuel cell and battery-swapping pure electric dump trucks each accounted for 7%, and pure electric dump trucks Only accounted for 1%! This is mainly because heavy vehicles still have many technical problems to overcome in the direction of new energy. New energy re-vehicles such as fuel cells, battery-swappable pure electric vehicles, pure electric dump trucks require a lot of energy in daily driving, and the auxiliary power system also "eats energy". The application scenarios of new energy dump trucks Relatively single and special, it can only operate efficiently under some special working conditions, such as some short-distance transportation, between factory buildings, and factory parks. In addition, the endurance is also a big problem. New energy heavy vehicles and traditional fuels Compared with vehicles, there is still a long way to go.


       Brand Analysis

       It is obvious from the figure below that in the 349 batches of announcements, the Hongyan brand dump trucks from SAIC-Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. accounted for the highest proportion (the yellow part in the picture) reached 16% (11 vehicles). ), followed by Dongfeng dump trucks, which reached 10% (7 vehicles), followed by Howo and Auman, 9% (6 vehicles) and 7% (5 vehicles), and others Brands account for less than 6%.

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