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Goldwind Technology Zhai Endi: Goldwind will carry out research on hydrogen production from offshore wind power in Yancheng!

In the Dafeng Park, Goldwind has produced 6,500 wind turbines from 2 MW to 6.7 MW, and is also developing high-precision transmission, pitch test benches, etc. at the test base in Yancheng. At present, hydrogen production by offshore wind power and seawater desalination have already begun in Yancheng. Next, we will conduct research on hydrogen production by offshore wind power in Yancheng. If long-distance grid transmission is not required for hydrogen production from offshore wind power, the future can be expected.

——Zhai Endi, Chief Engineer of Goldwind Technology

On November 16, 2021, the Sino-European Offshore Wind Power Industry Cooperation and Technology Innovation Forum was held in Yancheng. In the "Offshore Wind Power Development and Cooperation" sub-forum, Goldwind Chief Engineer Zhai Endi published the "Technical Innovation Promotes the Intensive Development of Offshore Wind Power" "The keynote speech.

Leaders and distinguished guests, good afternoon, our Goldwind Technology has built a "five-in-one" test center, R&D center, training center, operation and maintenance center, etc., for the offshore wind power industry, from complete machines to subsystems. Thank you very much for the support of Dafeng District Government and Yancheng City Government for Goldwind. I am in charge of technology in the company, and I do some reports on the promotion of intensive development of technology.

The first is the large-scale trend of offshore wind turbines. The second is the key technological innovation of offshore wind power. Third, Goldwind's offshore wind power technology innovation drives development. Finally, there is the future outlook.

Regarding the trend of large-scale offshore wind turbines, we are currently behind the international development of large-scale wind turbines. From the past ten years to the present ten years, and then to the "15th Five-Year Plan", the large-scale development of offshore wind turbines may catch up, mainly based on public data. At the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, 15 to 17 MW switchboards were hoisted in Fujian, my country. It is predicted that the 20-megawatt wind turbine prototype in the "15th Five-Year Plan" should be offline. Various manufacturers in Beijing have issued design certification units, and it will take two to three years for the prototype to be launched.

Regarding the large-scale trend of offshore wind turbines. Before 2030, the 20-megawatt wind turbines will be used in small batches from the early prototype of the 15th Five-Year Plan to the end of the 15th Five-Year Plan. There are great challenges, and we will challenge us to make some judgments.

The second part is about key technological innovations of offshore wind power.

For blades, it is very challenging after 100 meters. The tip speed is the speed of the high-speed rail. The tip speed will cause corrosion and noise. Why does the blade rotation speed seem to be slow? It is limited by the tip speed. The tip speed is now 95, can it reach 110? In addition, the blades will deform when they rotate. The wind speed brought by typhoon and blade rotation speed determine the angle of attack, and the angle of attack determines the lift-to-drag ratio of the blade, which is above 100 meters or even 130 meters in the future, or even 150 meters. When it came to a very challenging stage.

Regarding the main bearing, whether it can be bigger in the future, or even the main bearing of a wind turbine with a larger capacity of 15 MW, everyone is looking forward to it. Bearing technology needs to learn from Europe, especially the major European bearing manufacturers. Core simulation, design, and testing are very difficult. However, it is expected that by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the capacity of domestically-produced main bearing units will be even greater.

Regarding technical testing, this is the next key technology. The speed of development in my country is very fast, and the capacity of the main engine is getting larger and larger. The load effect caused by the characteristics of the blade after 100 meters is very complicated. Before the main engine is launched into the sea, there must be testing and certification. Goldwind has built a 16 MW test bed in Yancheng. The reliability of offshore crews brought about by large-scale crews is very important.

In terms of flexible DC, it has been promoted in the past few years. In 2019, the China Offshore Wind Power Association held the National Offshore Wind Power Conference in Guangzhou. The special flexible DC was set up for the first time, and the venue was full. Jiangsu's promotion of wetland engineering flexible DC has gradually become a major national research direction. It is necessary to solve such problems .

Regarding the intensive development of offshore wind power, there is now a stand-alone control technology of various manufacturers, mainly intelligent wind turbines, and iteratively. However, a breakthrough is needed in the cluster control of wind farms, especially in the future large-scale and intensified, how to coordinate control together with more than one million. Goldwind has developed a general platform for farm group control, using the wake technology of onshore wind farms to explore and research experience, and changes in wind speed will have an impact on the power generation of wind farms.

Regarding offshore wind power support structures. Goldwind took the lead in launching the integrated design of offshore wind power support structures nationwide in 2018 and obtained certification. The push platform has to solve a series of complex load problems, and the specific details will not be expanded. The next step in the development of affordable offshore wind power, integrated design will definitely be applied.

Self-transportation and self-hoisting technology for wind power installation vessels. In Jiangsu, there are many wind speed window periods. In some areas of Fujian, for example, there are only 136 days a year. Whether the blades can be hoisted at a wind speed of 12 meters per second, single blade hoisting technology is very important. This year, the efficiency of Goldwind offshore wind power hoisting Played a big role.

Regarding the intensive development of port technology. The Dafeng District Government and Yancheng have three major ports, and it is very important to develop port resources for the intensive development of offshore wind power in the Yancheng area. In terms of floating type, the conditions of the port are often considered. Inserting in the middle has better balance and has many constraints. So in terms of technology, it may not be ranked first, but port technology plays a very important role in intensive port development.

Regarding intelligent operation and maintenance, Yancheng is our operation site, and Goldwind is called the iGO system. Since 2016, it has been working on this system. This is an intelligent operation and maintenance system.

The water depth in Yancheng is not deep, twenty to thirty meters. In terms of construction and construction, it is more suitable for the foundation of offshore wind power from the perspective of geological conditions. However, due to the long distance, it is proposed to build a regional operation and maintenance platform, including the entry of operation and maintenance equipment After the design stage, an operation and maintenance platform will be established in a certain area in the future, which has entered the design stage.

In the third part, Goldwind offshore wind power technology innovation drives intensive development.

First of all, in terms of main engine development, Goldwind produced 2 MW to 6.7 MW in Yancheng. In the past 12 years, it has produced 6,500 wind turbines in Dafeng Park. This is currently Goldwind's offshore wind power, including full life cycle management, E-TOP, E-Plus, etc., which are technical points of offshore grouping. Yancheng's test base includes high-precision ship motion, pitch test benches, and so on.

A comparison is made in terms of micro-site selection for intensive and large-scale development. On the left is independent development, and on the right is intensive development. Intensive development is the next step in the era of parity that needs to be realized in Yancheng.

Regarding the outlook. In the plan of the Development and Reform Commission of the Municipal Government of Yancheng City, the integrated development of offshore wind power and offshore ranches, including hydrogen production, is proposed. Hydrogen production by offshore wind power and seawater desalination have already begun in Yancheng. With the cooperation of Goldwind in the early years, in the future, if long-distance grid transmission is not required for hydrogen production from offshore wind power, the coastal areas may also be allowed to produce hydrogen.

In the next step, we will conduct research on hydrogen production from offshore wind power in Yancheng.

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