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The 8th 500kV substation of Sichuan Chengdu Power Grid was completed and put into operation

On November 14, "The 220kV section 213 switch was successfully closed, and the equipment of the Xinjin 500kV substation is live." With the voice of Xiong Xiaoyu, the person in charge of the station, from the walkie-talkie, Chengdu Xinjin 500kV Transmission and Transformation Project Successfully put into operation, this is also the 8th 500 kV substation of Chengdu Power Grid.

Aerial view of Xinjin 500kV substation

It is understood that the Xinjin 500 kV power transmission and transformation project is a key project in Sichuan Province. The project includes the new Xinjin 500 kV substation, four 500 kV transmission lines and other supporting projects. The construction of the project started in July 2019. The completion and commissioning of the project has added a reliable power source to the southern part of Chengdu and Tianfu New District, which will alleviate the problem of "not being supplied with electricity" during peak electricity consumption in Chengdu to a certain extent, and improve the power supply guarantee capacity of the Sichuan power grid.

State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company organized operation, maintenance, and construction personnel to check and accept equipment at Xinjin 500 kV substation

"The project has a tight schedule, heavy tasks, and difficult construction. Recently, due to the dual challenges of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the cold wave, all participating units strictly adhere to the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control, and work overtime to ensure the smooth operation of the project." From State Grid Sichuan Power Transmission and Transformation Said Ruan Xiangyun, the construction project manager of the Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. The main soil at the site of the Xinjin 500 kV substation is clay, which has poor water permeability and strong water retention. During the construction process, it encountered an extremely long rainy season, which prevented large-scale machinery from entering the site for construction operations. To this end, the Construction Projects Department has successfully achieved "grasping progress during the dry season and non-stop work during the rainy season" by optimizing the construction organization, increasing resource input, and adjusting the construction sequence. At the same time, in terms of line construction, within a construction window of only 24 days, it successfully crossed the Chengdu-Kunming Railway twice and 2 220kV transmission lines within a range of less than 5 kilometers, and connected the Xinjin 500kV substation to'π'. Ways to connect to the Sichuan power grid.

According to the relevant person in charge of the State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Construction Branch, the Xinjin 500kV power transmission and transformation project has been put into operation and joint debugging time is very tight. Classified management of "emergency, general, and processed" problems, scientifically arranged cross-operations, and "white + black" continuous debugging day and night to ensure that the project was put into operation with "zero defects".

It is reported that with the smooth commissioning of the Xinjin 500kV power transmission and transformation project, the structure of the Sichuan power grid has been further optimized. While providing more reliable power supply guarantee for the Sichuan region, it also provides stronger power for the development of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle. Energy power.

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