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The first million-kilowatt offshore wind farm of China connected to the grid for power generation

The Three Gorges Yangjiang Shapa Offshore Wind Farm Project is located in the waters south of Shapa Town, Yangxi County, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province. It has a planned total installed capacity of 1.7 million kilowatts and a total investment of approximately 35 billion yuan. Construction of the project started in November 2018, divided into five phases of construction, with a total of 269 offshore wind turbines installed.

Li Chuangjun, Director of the New Energy and Renewable Energy Department of the National Energy Administration: The completion and commissioning of the project will promote the construction of large-scale offshore wind farms in my country, promote the innovation and upgrading of offshore wind power technology, and promote the clean and low-carbon transition of energy in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the ocean Economic green and efficient development is of great significance.

It is understood that the project can provide about 4.7 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area each year, which can meet the annual electricity consumption of about 2 million households, save about 1.5 million tons of standard coal each year, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 4 million tons.

Du Xiangwan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: Wind power itself is an industrial chain, and innovations in front-end materials science must keep our wind power renewable and sustainable from beginning to end.

The Yangjiang Wind Power Project has not only the world’s first anti-typhoon floating offshore wind turbine, but also the largest single-capacity ocean booster station in China, the lightest domestic ocean booster station with the same capacity, etc. ".

Lei Mingshan, Chairman of the Three Gorges Group: Three Gorges Guangdong Yangjiang 1.7 million kilowatt offshore wind power project has promoted technological innovation in offshore wind power survey and design, major equipment manufacturing and construction, and promoted the coordinated development of the entire offshore wind power industry chain in China, providing a centralized connection for offshore wind power in my country. The large-scale development of the film provides valuable experience for the development of offshore deep-water areas and far-reaching seas.

my country's installed offshore wind power capacity ranks first in the world

my country has a natural advantage in the development of offshore wind power. The available sea area is more than 3 million square kilometers. The offshore wind power industry is developing from offshore to deep water and far shore. According to the latest data from the National Energy Administration, my country's installed offshore wind power capacity ranks first in the world.

At present, my country's mainstream offshore wind turbines are installed in offshore waters, mainly offshore projects with a water depth of less than 60 meters. Not long ago, the State Power Investment Corporation Jiangsu Rudong 800MW offshore wind power project, located in the sea area of Jiangsu Rudong, 76 kilometers offshore, achieved full-capacity grid connection, plus the three-gorge Yangjiang Shapa Offshore, which achieved full-capacity grid-connected power generation on the 25th. For wind farms, many energy-related central enterprises have begun to explore new development models for offshore wind power.

The Yangjiang Shapa offshore wind farm used the anti-typhoon floating offshore wind turbine for the first time. Compared with traditional wind turbines fixed on the offshore seabed, the floating turbines can obtain stable and high-quality wind power resources in far-reaching waters without affecting the offshore fishery. And other related industry activities.

Qin Haiyan, Secretary-General of the Wind Energy Professional Committee of the Chinese Renewable Energy Society: Floating (wind power) units can solve this problem. There is no need to drill so deep, the wind turbines float there, and the machines can be transported to the site directly.

At present, my country’s localized R&D and manufacturing of large-capacity offshore wind turbines, ultra-long blades, floating wind turbines, long-distance power transmission projects and other key offshore wind power technologies have achieved important breakthroughs. The technological innovation capability is in the world's first echelon and core competition. The advantages of power are obvious, laying a solid foundation for the large-scale development of offshore wind power in my country in the future.

Li Chuangjun, Director of the New Energy and Renewable Energy Department of the National Energy Administration: my country's offshore wind power has achieved a major breakthrough from small to large, from weak to strong, and from slow development to leapfrog development.

(Main station reporter: Liang Lijuan, Li Tianlei, Zhang Wei, Song Wan, Gu Junling, Liu Xuan, Three Gorges Media, Lu Zhongcan)

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