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Household photovoltaic power plant lightning, fire practical skills!

Photovoltaic can bring benefits to users with the advantages of "high yield and low risk". Many families have carefully operated and maintained their power plants to ensure the service life and profits of their power plants are maximized. At the same time, in the face of thunderstorms or dry weather, many users consider installing lightning protection at home, fire prevention, whether it is necessary to do so? Or what better fire prevention methods?

Household photovoltaic power station is necessary to install lightning rod?

Rural household photovoltaic has two characteristics: most of the roof is shorter, the roof area is limited.

The rural roofs are mostly short and the probability of being struck by lightning is very low. In addition, there are many towering signal towers, poles and trees in the village. These tall structures can divert the power plant to reduce the probability of lightning strike. In addition, More than 5 meters from the module, most roofs have a limited roof area, making it difficult to meet this requirement. Installation is likely to be counterproductive if the spacing is not sufficient.

Therefore, ordinary users do not necessarily need to install household power plant lightning rod. However, there are some special cases for individual users. For example, if the power station is in a weather area with heavy thunderstorm or the user's house is high, installation may be considered according to the actual situation. Installation should be noted that the distance of 5 meters above the component does not constitute a shading of the power station, while ensuring that the lead channel unobstructed, grounding resistance to meet the requirements.

Household PV power plant how to fire?

A, "DC fault arc" preventive measures

1, Strict implementation of national design standards, standardize the design to ensure construction quality

2, carefully choose the quality of photovoltaic electrical equipment, from the source check

3, photovoltaic power plant construction and installation to regulate and eliminate hidden dangers

Second, the cable fire safety measures

Due to the large area of the photovoltaic power station and the wide distribution of cables, it is not possible to provide a fixed fire extinguishing device for the cables. Therefore, it is possible to adopt fire-resistant partitions and flame-retardant cables in the cable channels as the main measures to deal with cable fires. And the pipes, cables through the roof of the power station partition wall, floor holes, cracks should be sealed with non-flammable materials or non-flammable materials to prevent the spread of each other after the fire on the wire.

Third, to strengthen the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants

Operation and maintenance personnel should have the appropriate professional skills. Conscientiously do a good job of regular maintenance of power plants, and resolutely put an end to sick operation of equipment, overdue service and overload operation. Maintenance must be prepared before the safety, disconnect all disconnect switch should be to ensure that the capacitors, inductors fully discharge, if necessary, should wear insulated shoes, with low-voltage insulation gloves, the use of insulating tools, the work should be completed after the exclusion of potential accidents . Problems found in the maintenance process should be dealt with in time, such as poor access to the line and aging to replace the line promptly.

Fourth, the correct use of photovoltaic solar panels can not be drying debris

Drying vegetables and other sundries on the PV module can seriously affect the power generation of the PV power station. According to statistics, the general obstruction will reduce the photovoltaic system 5% of the power generation efficiency, causing severe hot spots or even cause a fire. At the same time, the PV modules will stick to the stains that are not easy to clean, causing the birds to eat food and damaging the components.

Users understand the relevant knowledge and skills of lightning protection and fire prevention in photovoltaic power plants so as to greatly reduce the loss of power plants and ensure the profitability. In the meantime, they can also deal with unexpected situations. In addition, it is suggested that users build a photovoltaic power station to choose a regular brand, and fundamentally reduce the risk of accidents.

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