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Spring Festival cleaning how to quickly clean range hood?

Range hoods are essential for every household kitchen. If you do not often clean, it will lead to the last fan did not move. Spring Festival approaching the cleaning, then how to quickly clean their own machine at home smoking machine? Give you a wonderful trick today.

After using the smoke machine hot cleaning

1, after each cook after the end of the cooker cooker continuous operation 30 seconds to 1 minute, will remain in the air fumes and unburned carbon monoxide out of the house.

2, while there is still heat on the hood, the surface with a rag a little wipe it again, you can easily wipe the stains on the range hood grease, often Paul clean non-greasy.

New range hood before use to do oil-proof treatment

1, sprinkle a thin layer of soap powder in the oil storage box, and then inject about one-third of the water. This oil will not back to death clotted in the box wall, and other waste oil will be full, after pouring repeat the above practices.
2, the range hood and how to prevent it? Before enabling, we can use a damp rag to moisten the dishwashing detergent, do not watertight, wipe the body.

3, after a period of time, if the body feels greasy, it is time to clean the body. With 80 ℃ hot water directly to clean the body, the oil will wash down.

Oil network and storage box cleaning

1, oil network can be slowly removed with a screwdriver, spray degreasing agent into plastic bags, soak after 15 minutes, in the basin after the injection of 80 ℃ hot water with a cloth carefully cleaned.

2, stick a layer of cling film in the oil storage box, cling film to have part of the outside of the oil storage box, at intervals to replace the new cling film can be.

Fan Ye clean three coup

step 1

Detergent, vinegar soaking method:

Remove the blades carefully and soak in a pot of hot water mixed with 2 tablespoons of detergent and a small bowl of vinegar. Soak for about 15 minutes, then scrub with a clean cloth.

Hood body also use this method of cleaning. Decontamination 60 degrees best. This method does not hurt hands nor smoked eyes, no corrosion of the hood, the surface remains the same after cleaning luster.

Step 2

The brush will be a good blade to dry, coated with a layer of office glue, the use of a few months after the fan leaves on the film piece tear off the oil all dip in the glue layer, so that cleaning is both convenient and clean.

Step 3

First in the hob shop newspaper, open the hood switch two minutes;

Spray detergent to the hood fan, turn off the hood, wait three minutes;

Then 60 ℃ hot water into the fan fan, and then open the switch, so that the oil has been dissolved drops into the storage tank, to complete the cleaning.

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