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Terminal Harness Processing Technology Analysis

Terminal Harness is an electrical connection cable, you can choose the number of wires and the spacing between the various models to meet the various specifications of electronic product design requirements. Due to the development of modern science and technology, the terminal harness is constantly being used in a variety of mechanical and motherboard links to send data, such as fax machines, balancing cars, projectors, copiers, LCD appliances, computers and so on. The following by the terminal harness processing manufacturers - Nikko Electronics to explain the technical parameters of the terminal harness FFC.

1, the pitch P: the distance between two adjacent conductor centerline.

2, the full pitch TP: the distance between the outermost two conductor center line, TP = P * (N-1).

3, insert the thickness TT: cable thickness of the two terminals.

4, the conductor number N: the number of copper wire conductor in the cable.

5, the total length TL: the distance between the two ends of the cable.

6, the margin M: the outermost center of a conductor to the distance between the edge of the cable.

7, the total width W: the distance between the two edges of the cable, W = P * (N +1).

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