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Application range and use method of stainless steel cable tie

Stainless steel cable tie application range:
Widely used in industry, agriculture, communications, petroleum, aviation, transportation, shipbuilding and so on.
Business scope: stainless steel cable ties / / tape, stainless steel packaging buckle / buckle / buckle, stainless steel belt packaging tools / stainless steel cable ties special tools.
How to use stainless steel cable ties:
1. Place the stainless steel cable tie in the open slot of the knife edge and the rotating shaft.
2. Move the gear handle back and forth to tighten the stainless steel belt.
3. Push the handle forward, pull down the handle, cut off the strap, lock the buckle, and remove the tool.
Steel strapping method:
Fast and easy to fasten the stainless steel cable tie to metal or rubber hoses, wire bars, cables, pipes, etc. with a dedicated strapping machine, lightweight steel strap retractor, and a cable tie and tie. The shapes that need to be fastened are different and the size is not the same. Nylon cable ties also provide stainless steel cable ties of different materials such as 201, 304, 316, 300, etc., so as to meet the different needs of customers for acid and alkali resistance, tensile strength and price, instead of the fastening clamps that people are used to, such as hose clamps. , clamps, throat cards, etc., make the effect more tight, convenient, tidy and durable after tying.

     Examples of stainless steel cable tie use:

     1. Fixing signs, signal lights, and related transportation facilities on municipal works.

     2. Bundling of cables, street lamps and power supply equipment on power engineering.

     3, fire, petrochemical, vehicle, aviation, brewing, papermaking, etc. at the mouth of the trachea, water pipes, hydraulic piping.

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