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5G becomes the key to promote the development of the Industrial Internet

In recent years, with the increasing trend of industrial digitization, informationization, and intelligence, the Industrial Internet has received more and more attention. As the product of the integration of new-generation information technology and manufacturing, the Industrial Internet can realize the full interconnection of people, machines and things, which is the only way for digital transformation. Based on this, the global industry is currently accelerating the strategic layout of the Industrial Internet to seize the high ground of industrial development.

Since 2018, China has also begun the development of the Industrial Internet. Within two years, China's Industrial Internet has achieved very satisfactory results, not only accelerating the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, but also promoting the high-quality improvement of the real economy. Against this background, the Industrial Internet is increasingly becoming an important part of new infrastructure, and it is increasingly valued by our country.

Affected by the epidemic this year, the Industrial Internet is even more highly expected. In terms of overall planning for epidemic prevention and control and economic development, the Industrial Internet has become an important support for China's "anti-epidemic and recovery" because it can help enterprises resume work and resume production, alleviate the downward pressure on the economy, and meet the long-term demand and supply. In order to promote the faster development of the Industrial Internet, China also directly introduced related policies.

The above measures undoubtedly reflect the country's favor and emphasis on the integrated development of 5G and Industrial Internet. In accordance with national guidelines, the industry on the one hand will need to enhance the "5G + Industrial Internet" technology industry capability, strengthen technical research and improve standards, on the other hand, it will also enhance the "5G + Industrial Internet" innovation and application capabilities, and deepen the development of the two through fusion applications.

Through the above-mentioned specific measures, the government hopes to consolidate the foundation for development, enhance industrial capabilities, and form an innovative trend of 5G and industrial Internet integration, mutual promotion and multiplication. The reason for such a plan and specific measures is inseparable from the current development status of the Industrial Internet in China.

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