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Demand for new energy vehicles increases, power semiconductors usher in new opportunities for development

In new energy vehicles, power devices are the main components of electric drive systems and play a leading role in their efficiency, power density and reliability. At present, the electric drive part of new energy vehicles is mainly composed of silicon-based power devices. With the development of electric vehicles, there are higher requirements for miniaturization and weight reduction of electric drives.

High demand for power devices for new energy vehicles

Among power device products, MOSFET and IGBT are the core of automotive electronics. MOSFET products are the most widely used products in the power device market, accounting for 35.4% of the power semiconductor discrete device market. IGBTs are the fastest growing products in power devices, accounting for 25% of the total market. They are essential for new energy vehicles. For semiconductor devices, downstream demand is quite strong.

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles use more power devices. According to analysis, on a conventional diesel locomotive, the installed value of power semiconductors is $ 71, accounting for 21% of the total value of automotive semiconductors; for hybrid vehicles, the value of new power semiconductors based on traditional internal combustion vehicles is $ 354, Occupies 76% of the total added value; in pure electric vehicles, the value of power semiconductors is $ 387, accounting for 55% of the total value of automotive semiconductors.


It is worth mentioning that due to the high SiC technology and funding thresholds, and the current slow growth of single crystals and instable quality, the yield of SiC wafers produced is not high and the cost is relatively high. Manufacturers are generally at a loss.

The United States, Japan, and Europe started early in the SiC field. 6-inch silicon carbide substrates have been mass-produced, and 8-inch silicon wafers have been successfully developed. Only Cree has occupied about 40% of the SiC substrate market.

The dawn of domestic power semiconductor breakthrough

IGBT is the core device of new energy vehicle motor control system and charging pile. The growth of new energy vehicle market will definitely drive the development of power semiconductors. Although China is the world ’s largest consumer of semiconductors, the semiconductor market demand accounts for about 40% of the global market, but the domestic production rate of various types of semiconductor devices and chips is very low.

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