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All branches of the State Grid are fully exploring the power generation and power supply capacity to ensure safe and reliable power supply

At present and for a period of time in the future, the company’s important and urgent tasks are cohesion, safety, power supply, people’s livelihood, stability, strong management, excellent service, and risk prevention. The State Grid Corporation of China’s power supply guarantee work meeting this winter and next spring requires that the company must take a high degree of political responsibility, adhere to a system concept, strengthen bottom-line thinking, earnestly practice the purpose of People’s Electricity as a people’s enterprise, and make every effort to ensure power protection this winter and next spring. For work. All units of the company's system take responsibility, do hard work, and go all out to ensure safe and reliable power supply.

Resolutely take up the responsibility of the power grid and keep the safety lifeline of the power grid

The Northwest Division of the State Grid established an emergency work group to ensure power supply this winter and next spring, through the three-level management of "source, grid, and load", to do a good job in ensuring power supply this winter and next spring. The “source” side optimizes the operation mode of the reservoir, strengthens the information management of thermal coal, supervises the coal storage of power generation enterprises, and strictly implements the renovation of grid-connected units; the “grid” side makes arrangements for cross-regional medium and long-term transactions, optimizes the transmission capacity of important channels, and establishes power generation enterprises Flexible assessment mechanism; the “load” side guides the demand side response, makes preparations for orderly use of electricity, and actively promotes the optimization and adjustment of peak and valley electricity prices. This branch will further strengthen the power grid operation management to ensure the completion of various tasks this winter and next spring.

Luan Weijie, the main dispatcher of the Dispatching Operation Division of the East China Power Control Sub-center, said: “As a grid dispatcher, we must abide by dispatching disciplines, strengthen the management of all types of units connected to the grid, carry forward the fine tradition of'united governance of the grid', and organize mutual assistance between provinces. Apply for support from outside the area and tap the potential of pumping storage. My colleagues and I will do a good job in ensuring power supply this winter and next spring with a strong sense of political responsibility."

State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power systematically considers supply-side, grid-side, and load-side measures to ensure the safety of the large grid and the safety of people’s livelihood. It closely tracks the power supply and demand situation and the dual control of energy consumption, and coordinates the power generation capacity of the units in the province; orderly arrangements Maintenance plan to ensure full and stable generation of units in operation; fully guarantee external power support; deepen internal potential, mobilize power generation equipment of provincial-managed industrial units, ensure peak and emergency power supply; optimize the peak winter season plan of the power grid, and scientifically arrange the power grid operation mode , To ensure the safe and economical allocation of power resources; do a good job in the operation and maintenance of important power transmission channels and old equipment, optimize major maintenance plans, and make every effort to protect people's livelihood and public service power.

Fully tap the power generation and power supply capacity and firmly maintain the bottom line of people's livelihood power consumption

State Grid Sichuan Electric Co., Ltd. cooperated with the government to establish a joint office normal mechanism for ensuring power supply, coordinating the deployment of primary energy supply and orderly use of electricity; digging into power supply capabilities to ensure that all types of power sources can be used as they are combined and used. Purchasing electricity outsourcing and promoting the establishment of a reasonable energy cost management mechanism; building eight 500 kV power collection and transmission channels in the province, playing the role of the transmission hub platform, and continuously improving the transmission capacity across regions, provinces and important sections; speeding up the construction of new power systems , Improve the smart grid, digital twin power grid, one grid map, and one energy map "two grids and two maps" to improve the level of safe and efficient use of clean energy in Sichuan.

State Grid Jilin Electric Power strengthened the monitoring of important channels and equipment operation, and increased the investigation of hidden dangers in the line under severe weather conditions; closely followed the supply of electricity and coal and the output of wind power and photovoltaic power generation, and accurately performed load forecasting and power balance research and judgment; Keep the status of thermal power units firmly in place to ensure that all types of power sources "can be combined, used up, fully delivered, and delivered stably"; play the role of a special class of power protection work, and continue to twist the "electric coal" bull nose; accurate implementation Orderly supply power, and resolutely maintain the bottom line of people’s livelihood; strengthen the operation and maintenance of supporting power supply facilities for the booster pumping station of the urban heating pipe network and the heating station to ensure that the people live warmly through the winter.

State Grid Gansu Electric Power focuses on generating unit operation management, balancing risk management, and large power grid safety management and control. It does a good job in ensuring safety, power supply, people’s livelihood, and key tasks, strengthens overall coordination, and gives full play to the emergency supply guarantee mechanism, and strengthens consolidation. Grid unit management, resolutely guarantee the normal power generation capacity; strengthen government-enterprise linkage to ensure efficient information communication and coordination; refine power and electricity balance and gap management, strengthen grid safety management and control, accelerate the progress of new energy power grid integration, and coordinate various key tasks , To ensure the completion of the annual safety production goal, and resolutely maintain the safety lifeline of the large power grid and the bottom line of people’s livelihood.

Improving the level of source-network-load-storage interaction

State Grid Jibei Electric Power accelerates the construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei North 1000kV UHV ring network and the 500kV backbone grid, builds an intelligent distribution network, promotes the digitalization and intelligent transformation of the grid, and improves the capacity of new energy transmission and consumption. Demonstration area of Zhangjiakou new power system. The company will enter the winter Olympics power supply guarantee phase with the most reliable team, the safest equipment, and the most thorough plan to ensure zero failure of power grid equipment, zero flicker of the stadium load, zero information and communication incidents, zero service assurance, zero complaints, and security. There are zero loopholes in terrorism prevention, zero errors in personnel work, and all competition power is green.

The State Grid Economic Research Institute comprehensively deepens the research on grid planning, serves the overall situation of energy transition and sustainable power development, and coordinates the main factors and changing trends that affect power supply such as coal, load, and new energy output, so as to ensure the effective allocation of energy resources in the large power grid. Give full play to; grasp the quality control of engineering design, and play an early role in ensuring the power supply of this winter and next spring; accelerate key core technology tackling, serve the construction of new power systems, and deepen the research of new power system source-network-load-storage coordinated planning technology; support the company's UHV The construction of a big data system facilitates the digital transformation and development of the power grid.

Hubei Wuhan Power Supply Company resolutely guards the safety lifeline of the power grid, implements a three-level orderly electricity use plan, and spares no effort to ensure reliable electricity consumption for residents and important customers; keeps the bottom line of electricity consumption for people's livelihoods, and promptly reports to the government the power output of power plants and over-limit electricity consumption; Strictly implement the electricity price reform policy, actively carry out information disclosure and policy publicity; promote the construction of a new power system, accelerate the implementation of the three-year plan for the construction of world-class urban power grids, and accelerate the construction of 8 key projects in the Optics Valley Energy Internet Comprehensive Demonstration Zone.

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