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LED lamp performance parameters

The biggest advantage of LED lights is energy saving. Luminous luminous efficiency of 100 lumens / watt or more, the average incandescent lamp can only reach 40 lm / W, energy-saving lamps also hovering at 70 lm / W. So, the same wattage, LED effect will be much better than incandescent and energy-saving lamps. 1 watt LED lamp brightness equivalent to about 2 watts of energy-saving lamps, 5 watt LED lamp 1000 hours 5 degrees power consumption, LED lamp life can reach 50,000 hours, LED lights without radiation.

1, brightness

LED lamp beads of different brightness, the price is different. Light cup: the general brightness of 60-70 lm; bulb: the general brightness of 80-90 lm. 1W red, the brightness is generally 30-40 lm; 1W green, the brightness is generally 60-80 lm; 1W yellow, the brightness is generally 30-50 lm; 1W blue, the brightness is generally 20-30 lm. Note: 1W brightness of 60-110lm; 3W brightness up to 240lm; 5W-300W is an integrated chip, with serial / parallel package, mainly to see how much current, voltage, several strings of several and. LED lens: a lens with PMMA, PC, optical glass, silicone (soft silicone, hard silicone) and other materials. The greater the angle of the light efficiency, with a small angle of the LED lens, the light to shoot far.

2, wavelength

The same wavelength, the same color. The price is high. White light warm color (color temperature 2700-4000K), is white (color temperature 5500-6000K), cool white (color temperature 7000K above) Europeans prefer warm white. Red: Band 600-680, of which 620,630 are mainly used for stage lights, 690 close to infrared. Blu-ray: Band 430-480, of which 460,465 stage lights with more. Green: Band 500-580, of which 525,530 stage lights with more.

3, light angle

Use different LED LED lighting angle is not the same. Special lighting angle, the price is higher.

4, anti-static ability

Anti-static ability of LED lamp beads, long life, and thus high prices. LED lamps, which are usually antistatic above 700V, can be used for LED lighting.

5, leakage current

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