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The new direction of LED emergency lighting

Multi-functional integration, improve the city's emergency response capability
In recent years, LED strength of the enterprise in product innovation on the changes can be seen as China's LED industry evolved circumstantial evidence. As the application of mining, square and other scenes of the product, in addition to meet the lighting function, LED power also has the same power emergency lighting function to ensure that after the power to continue to work to ensure the safe evacuation of personnel.
Today's LED industry has been with the world, the accumulation of strong growth momentum. Industry insiders believe that LED emergency power supply should be "standardized + emergency management" concept, to promote the construction of urban safety emergency system to achieve the city emergency response system and emergency capability modernization.
In the use of innovative products, advancing with the times, and actively explore. In the blueprint for building a smart city, emergency lighting can not be absent.
Enterprises for the combination of driving and emergency, already clear. Many companies for the understanding of emergency power supply, may stay in the drive power + battery concept. But for its internal technology, the requirements are very high. In addition, the domestic price is more sensitive, often feel the impact of the length of time is not, and when really used, only to recognize the importance of product value. At present, the industry in this area without a perfect technical standards.

LED emergency power intelligent future
Emerson said: "The reliable symbol of wisdom is to be able to find miracles in the ordinary." Smart city strategic index and the size of the city and the degree of wealth has nothing to do, but by the degree of its decision. Wisdom and lighting meet, will also be set up to the wisdom of the city of Jinqiao. On the basis of maintaining the basic function of the lamp, it is necessary to combine the intelligent planning and design of the intelligent city to carry out the construction of the special wisdom system and enhance the urban emergency lighting capability.
With the evolution of the city, emergency power supply intelligent management, has become the direction. Focus on the data experience of a new generation of users of the product remote monitoring, post-maintenance also brought the law of competition change. Under the new urban demand, the future of wisdom always runs through it.
Intelligent is a very important direction of development, especially intelligent management of this one. Future emergency power supply for remote monitoring. Can monitor each power emergency battery attenuation and life expectancy, ahead of prevention, to help manage. Especially industrial and other special occasions above the emergency power supply, for example, in the oil, CNOOC's oil production, the beach lighthouse, the latter part of the cost of maintenance. At present we do the products are left with this port, the new product is being developed

With the rapid and comprehensive occupation of LED lighting market, the future of LED emergency power will be on the wind, the future trend should be more to rely on intelligent development.
Emergency power supply intelligent system has become a visible future, as the enterprise product value chain on the most critical link. Real-time monitoring, advance prevention, intelligent system of three-dimensional perception of the power state, location and other information, and through the perception of data collection, analysis and processing, can promote the city's key systems harmonious and efficient operation.
Every time the light source technological revolution, have brought new opportunities, derived from the new market structure. Over the next decade, the global market capacity of Smart City solutions is expected to grow by 13% per year - from $ 20 billion in 2017 to $ 28 billion in 2033 (expected). Technology and the power of innovation more and more profound impact on the LED industry at all levels, emergency power supply intelligent future opportunities highlighted.

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