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Air conditioning industry is adjusting the situation

In the past year, sales of air conditioners were extremely hot with multiple indicators setting a record high. However, by 2018, the air conditioning market or will appear to adjust the situation.

Last year, sales were strong

Analysis report pointed out that the domestic retail sales of air conditioners peaked again last year, the scale of retail sales 193.1 billion yuan, an increase of 26.4%, the volume of retail sales volume of 56.14 million units, up 23.1%, while if the scale of construction machinery market into the last year Home air-conditioning products on the wall installation of nearly 80 million units.

This means that both the amount of retail sales, installation or shipment, home air conditioner market hit a record high last year, the domestic air conditioner market in the past year very much.

Price upward trend for a year

The prices of raw materials represented by copper, aluminum and steel have gained notable gains in the past year, which brought cost pressures to many home appliance enterprises, as well as air-conditioning products.

Last year, the residential air conditioner market saw several waves of rising prices. Not only direct price increases, the upgrading of product structure also contributed to the average price rise.

Statistics, the average retail price of home air conditioners reached 3825 yuan, an increase of 8.4%. From on-hook to the Guiji, from speed to frequency conversion, energy efficiency from three to an energy efficiency, air-conditioning sales prices have risen in different amplitude.

The future volume may not be together

Expert analysis, with the increase in high-end products, and raw materials prices continue to rise, air-conditioning unit price rise will be maintained, or even the trend.

The cautious is not without reason, although the domestic air conditioner market showed a year-on-year high momentum of growth year on year, but according to statistics, by the end of December last year, the inventory of air-conditioning market reached 43 million units. Carrying such a huge amount of stock before the air-conditioning industry, this year and even after a longer period of development is still full of variables.

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